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Is this website all about? It's the interesting experiments, research and resources that couldn't fit in our book Competitive Advantage.

Learn secrets about why customers love some compaies but not others. Like why you should NOT pay attention to what your customers say because


If businesses knew what made their customers wanted then the world would be full of happy customers. But it's not!

Customers are more unhappy than ever before and the Internet is the perfect place to express their dissafisfaction. Businesses who can


Is revealing all these business secrets? Shadow Shopper has been mystery shopping Australian companies since 2004.

We know why some businesses thrive and others don't. What customers love, makes them come back and recommend you. Share our insights about

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It's not all serious business. Take a break, have a laugh and brighten your day!

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What to Einstein, Churchill, Onassis, Ford, Buffett and Steve Jobs have in common? We've chosen them to

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